Sunday, March 30, 2008

I got this image in my last order from EPaperie' I just love these monkeys and so want to add them ALL to my stamp collection soon. This is a Z fold card. they are super fun to do and very little stamping involved except your main image! They are the Changito Amigos monkeys from Stampendous.

This was another cute image in my pack. I have tried to order this stamp a few times but always on backorder... sighhhhhhhhhhhhh. Oh well at least I had one image to color!! These were the Changito Thank U from Stampendous.

This was another Zfold card. They are very fun and easy to do!

My last Z fold card. They are so fun to do. Another image from Epaperie that I got. This one is going to be a must buy for me for sure as it is super cute!! This is in their store under Wood Stamp- Birthday Flowers


Sandy B said...

These are great. Love that Changito image ... it reminds me of me & my older sister as kids.

Angela K said...

What fun cards!!

Bevie Pearl said...

I haven't tried that Z fold yet..but your card is cute.