Tuesday, March 11, 2008

another exciting day

Well I didn't get a bit of stamping done today as the puppies keep me moving....
I did clean up the house a bit which lead to Dan coming home and saying "What did you do all day?" WELL I could go off on him but after doing dishes, 4 loads of laundry (all before lunch) and cleaning up the house and after the 4 puppies I was exhausted!! So here is me thinking hey he is leaving today for a meeting so I might get a quick nap in.... WRONG!! I had to run for parts for the farm...

So I take my list (ya he gave me one) And off I go. Get to the place and he wants some dang bolts for some tractor weights he wanted 3/4 x 3 1/4... THEY DON"T HAVE 3 1/4 they only have 3 and 3 1/2. SO I called him and he decided he would use 3 1/2. There was a smart comment to that but I won't go into that!! MEN!!

Then it is off to the grocery store with my niece. It is one of those trips where Auntie I think I need that.. I am hungry for that..... It can go on.. So going in there for a $4 gallon of milk turned into a "bit" more. You get my drift... Auntie is a "sucker" for those little girls. This is the main reason I go usually before they get to my house!! Way cheaper.

Then to the gas station where I needed to get some caffeine!! I let her in the car for 1 minute and she comes in crying that she can't stay there w/o me... i yi yi I was watching her the ENTIRE time as it is a small place. 4 Year olds!!!

We get home and I want to crash, but the puppies have a different idea!! So now I am doing this entry only after picking up the garbage Heather's lovely dog has pulled ALL OVER MY FLOOR... how the heck do you get a dog to quit tipping the garbage cans and dragging it EVERYWHERE is beyond me. The other day she ate 2 bags of Jerky I just bought for $7/bag.. wow was it not a good day then!!

So I am off to do chores and hoping the cows don't give me as much grief as those puppies and the dog has. My niece will be going into Grandma's house to give her grief!! Hope you all had a better day than I had!!!

I almost forgot this I did finish this morning too. I had it all ready to glue down yesterday but glued it down this morning as wanted to "look at it" for a day and make sure it was what I wanted.

Here is a frame I made for our neighbor that moved into town. They are elderly and had an Open House last month but I was so busy that we never made it there. Hoping to get this to them very soon.

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