Monday, April 6, 2009

Lots of chicks

We got our baby chicks yesterday after 2 trips to Rothschild to get them at the Post office distribution center. The 2 boxes didn't come together and they couldn't find the 2nd one. So made 2 trips and got them going. The pictures aren't that good as we are fighting an infarred bulb in the heat lamps and that red color messes up the pictures.. lol We have 84 in our garage now.

We ordered a mixed assortment their choice so we have a lot of different breeds of chickens. We ordered all our chickens from

This first one is a Turken. It doesn't grow hair on it's long neck but is a good layer of brown eggs and can withstand cold temps well.

The 2nd picture is our Bantams. They are harder to keep going as they are small. The white one is our free exotic chick that they give you with your order. My girlfriend named it Snowball and it is doing very well considering we didn't think it would live at first but looks fine now.

These last two are a feeding frenzy.. Again sorry for the pics as that lightbulb isn't helping. They are all shades of brown, black, some yellow

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