Thursday, August 14, 2008

Day 5 of Alaska!!

Wow another awesome day. We toured one of the few (only 5 in the state) dairy farms working yet today, and then went to the creamery where they send their milk. We visited 2 Musk Ox farms and they were so cool. They make the softest (and most expensive) sweaters, hats and scarves out of their "fur" that it is incredible. They had a sweater in the 2nd one for only a mere $780 lol We had the Alaska Ag agent riding with us today so he gave us an awesome tour. Now we are in the hotel room and going to order pizza in the room with a few other couples.

Look at these berries at the veggie/fruit farm we went to also. They grow these in a greenhouse setting and looked delish!!! This was a huge farm that people come and pick their own stuff and then just pay for what they pick. They brought us yellow raspberries, strawberries and of course snow peas, broccoli, and radishes for a snack after the tour!!

and finally look at this view out our balcony to our room!!! It is just incredible isn't it???

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