Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Ok.. didn't feel like stamping so did up one of these Stationary boxes that my friend Bevie Pearl showed me. They are fun but they are work! The only stamping I did was putting the Thank You on the cards and 3x3 cards too.

Here is where I got the pattern. She has an awesome blog too!!

Here it is open. There are 4 easy cards, 4 3x3 cards 4 gift tags, the address book, made with ruled tablet paper, is taped in there along with the little pocket envelope to put the stamps in. I also added the Designer paper to the pen to make it all match!

Here is everything in it. Ignore the cups! lol


Stefanie Staniak said...

You did an absolutely beautiful job on this Kar. I was waiting for someone to tell me how much work it was - even though I suspected. Not an item to mass produce !! LOL

Bevie Pearl said...

Kar, You are the queen of this project. just sooooooo very adorable!!

Otter said...

I think I need to see this in person!! Do you need my address?