Friday, February 22, 2008

A bit nervous!

We got our final bill to go to Alaska in August on an 8 day "adventure". We decided since it is our 20th anniversary this year that we would do something special. It just sounded like an incredible tour and it is one of the places we so wanted to see anyway. So his parents said to go as they will do the chores and keep an eye on things and oh ya watch the kids!!!! So got the hired man scheduled and we are headed out August 10 -17. This is the last day of the County Fair though for us so I got to figure out how to get the kids projects home from the fair but hey I got time!!!
I am also going to miss our annual Shistah retreat that we have been doing for the last 2 years!! It is such a fun retreat even if I don't get to stay I still get to see my very special Shistah's from all over the state!!!! I love them all like they are my Shistah's and will bet thinking about all the fun they will be having too. Hey there is always next year right??

If you want to read more on our "adventure" we will be taking it can be found here

Hopefully will get some stamping done today but will have to see!


Heather said...

Kar honey - you'll have a BLAST on the cruise!!! We'll totally miss you at the retreat - but you are right - there is always next year.

PJBstamper said...

Oh man - I thought for sure you'd fly to Seattle and I'd get a chance to meet you in person. Bummer for me, but what a great trip for you!!